Client Stories

October 2016: Lucy’s Story


February 2016: Earlier this month we had a young woman that we will call Rebecca, visit the center for a pregnancy test. Rebecca described herself as a happily married woman with four children at home. She and her husband had no plans to grow their family any further. In her mind they were complete. Her hope was that this pregnancy test would ultimately be negative. The opposite happened, and the test was positive.

Rebecca referred to herself as a Christian, and yet in this moment of fear and uncertainty, abortion seemed to be the responsible choice for her family. She struggled with the idea that she would need to care for one more child and felt shame for being irresponsible in accidentally getting pregnant. In her mind another child equaled more stress on her family and presented an unwelcome challenge.

With great compassion and understanding for her pain, our Client Advocate prayed with Rebecca. Rebecca was told that she could come to Options for on-going support and that our doors were always open to her. That day she left not having made a decision one way or another, but leaning heavily toward the option to abort.

Weeks went on and her Client Advocate reached out, with no response from Rebecca. Yet, her name remained on our prayer wall alongside all the other names of abortion-minded women that had come in to our center.

One month later, and out of the blue, we received a very exciting call… it was Rebecca. She wanted to schedule an ultrasound appointment! She said that her and her husband had made the decision to bring this new baby into their family, and in this we REJOICED!

At Options for Women our work is to plant seeds of hope and life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. When watered in prayer, these seeds produce sprouts, and sprouts ultimately turn into fruit. Today, we are praising God for the fruit that we have seen in the life of Rebecca. God is so good and faithful to transform the heart of His precious daughter from one of fear and uncertainty into one of peace and joy. He is the giver of good gifts!

Fall 2015: Recently, while serving on the mobile clinic in Antioch, I witnessed two lives being changed. It is so wonderful to see the Holy Spirit move in the lives of those who need the Lord and the good news. I would like to encourage you by telling you about one of them.

Victoria is a 32-year-old mother with a 10 year old daughter. On the day she met with me, she learned that she was 6 weeks pregnant. Eager to have an ultrasound, she explained to me that she’d had two miscarriages as well as two abortions. She feared having more miscarriages as a punishment from God for the abortions she’d had.

I had the opportunity to speak with her about who God is. We talked about His love for her, His forgiveness and mercy. Together we read the word and she was able to see God as the perfect father He is; a father who loves her and is waiting for her with open arms and forgiveness. She accepted a bible, and asked me about local churches and services. We made a follow up appointment to talk more about God and His word. She said she couldn’t wait to share this good news with her husband and her daughter!

Praise God for His mercy and goodness! How Awesome is our living God who continues to answer those who cry out to Him in the wilderness that is this world.

June 2015: In the month of June we served three clients who were pregnant and homeless, all heartbreaking situations. It has been a tremendous blessing to see each one of them form a relationship with a Client Advocate here at Options for Women. We are pleased to say that each one has chosen life for their unborn babies. They were offered great help in finding safe places to live and connected to on-going support services.

MAY 2015: The phone rang and on the line was a small voice, 15 yrs. old, and full of frustration and fear. She lived “over the hill” in East County without transportation. “Jennie” was desperate to know if her greatest fear was coming true. Am I pregnant?

Our Client Advocates are trained on how to talk women off the emotional ledge they find themselves on. Jennie made the decision to take a bus over to the center for a pregnancy test.

When she arrived, she was worn out from the experience of the bus and was determined to have an abortion if her test was positive…and it was. Jennie also agreed to have an ultrasound. When she left, we still weren’t sure if she would have the abortion. All we could do was pray.

This young woman really tugged at our hearts. We all kept thinking that this is the exact reason of why God is leading us to go mobile with our services. We could have reduced some of Jennie’s stress by going to her, being there at her exact time of need.

We do have some clients that come to our center that live as far out as Brentwood, Knightsen and Discovery Bay. Each passing day, we are reminded just how vital it is to be able to go to the highways and byways, be the first point of contact for women, and reestablish a pro-life presence in East County.

I am excited to report that when our Client Advocate followed up with Jennie, she stated that she decided to carry her baby! Jennie has chosen life! We now surround her with support, prayers and resources to walk this journey with her.

NOVEMBER 2014: In November 2014 an East Indian woman came into our center for a pregnancy test. Her hope was that she was not pregnant, but in fact she was. I will call her Sammy. English was not Sammy’s first language so I did my best to inquire about her life situation and why she felt she couldn’t have this baby. She said repeatedly that she had a 3 year old and it was just not time yet.

By the end of the conversation Sammy had decided that even though she was scared she would have the baby. Hours later I receive a call from Sammy saying that she was going to have an abortion. It turned out that after telling her husband about the pregnancy there was no room for discussion she was expected to have an abortion regardless of what she wanted for herself.

My heart broke and I knew there was nothing I could do for her except pray and that is exactly what we did. We prayed and asked God to intervene for this young woman that did not want an abortion. We prayed that God would soften the husband’s heart and that HE would hear Sammy’s cry for help.

A week later I was shocked to see Sammy walk through our door with her husband and 3 year old daughter. Sammy came for an ultrasound and brought her family too! They had chosen to have their baby!