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 AB 775 Passed in the California Senate

Dear Options for Women Friends,

Yesterday afternoon the California Senate passed AB775 on a party line vote. This bill will force abortion alternative pregnancy clinics to provide patients with a phone number for abortion referrals.

During the hearings the pro-life senators who spoke very passionately against the bill referenced the recent videos released by the Center for Medical Progress that revealed the abortion industry’s harvesting of babies body parts for profit. The pro-life senators offered three different amendments, each of which would have required the abortion industry to be regulated in the same way that AB775 would regulate the abortion alternative clinics; all three amendments were tabled by the majority vote.

Now the bill is headed to Governor Brown for his signature. A letter from 200 faith leaders in California urging his veto sits on his desk as I’m writing this. Please pray today for Governor Brown to have a change of heart. Pray that he would make a Godly decision and that he would reject this bill. It is a matter of saving innocent lives.

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Serving in Him,

Blayne Wittig